Musician and composer, Olivier Marguerit began his career in several indie pop bands of the 2000s: guitarist, keyboardist, and backing vocalist for Syd Matters for about a decade, then guitarist and bassist for Les Chicros, Fugu, and a one-man orchestra for Mina Tindle. In 2011, he set up his studio in Pigalle and started releasing his own compositions. He has published two albums under his name: "Un torrent, la boue" in 2016 and "À terre" in 2019. In parallel, Olivier Marguerit embarked on a career in cinema by composing soundtracks for "Diamant noir" and "Onoda" by Arthur Harari, "Garçon chiffon" by Nicolas Maury, and more recently, "La nuit du 12" by Dominik Moll, for which he was nominated for the César Awards. Olivier Marguerit is now one of the greatest pop composers of his generation.  



Tu sais je ne sais plus O – Olivier Marguerit 20190114
Avale-moi O – Olivier Marguerit 20191114
Les pédales O – Olivier Marguerit 20190315
À TERRE O – Olivier Marguerit 20180705
La rivière O – Olivier Marguerit 20160323
Le froid O – Olivier Marguerit 20130928