H-Burns or Americana made in France. In fact, the "made in France" tag is a bit superfluous, considering H-Burns has nothing to envy from his American counterparts (Songs Ohia, etc.). A spiritual heir to "The Boss" Bruce Springsteen, H-Burns brings together War on Drugs and Smog, Elliott Smith and The National, exploring every nook and cranny of the genre with Leonard Cohen's legacy as his compass. That's saying something.



H BURNS – Nowhere To Be (Music Video Edit) H-Burns 20141117
H-Burns – Six Years (Official Video) H-Burns 20121120
H-BURNS – OFF THE MAP – TRAILER #3 H-Burns 20120820
H-Burns – Kid We Own The Summer / Nouvel album – 03/02/17 H-Burns 20161005
H-Burns – Signals (Official Video) H-Burns 20150316
H-Burns – Chapter 1 « We Could Be Strangers » / Chapter 2 « This Kind of Fire » (Official Video) H-Burns 20170403
Night Moves H-Burns 20151029
Tigress H-Burns 20210329
Sister H-Burns 20190614
Crazy Ones H-Burns 20190128