Former leader of the bands Toy Fight and (Please) Don't Blame Mexico, Maxime Chamoux has been playing music that falls between North American rock and sophisticated English pop. With Pharaon de Winter, he has decided to venture into French chanson with influences that are both popular and demanding: the precision of William Sheller's writing, the warmth of Lucio Battisti, the refined groove of Steely Dan, the adventurous spirit of Arthur Russell, and the melodic sense of Véronique Sanson. Pharaon de Winter aims to find the alchemy between the precision and sophistication of the writing and a discreet yet angular production that allows each instrument to have a vibrant presence.



Pharaon de Winter – Pointillisme (Official Video) Pharaon de Winter 20150608
Quart Nord-Est Pharaon de Winter 20211027
L’Habitacle Pharaon de Winter 20210528
La Vidéo Pharaon de Winter 20210401
Ultramarine Pharaon de Winter 20151112