Synonym: craftsman. Chevalrex can do it all, even his album covers. At the release of his first records, the media had a habit of describing Chevalrex's music as "miniature symphonies." Today, the word "miniature" has vanished. Chevalrex creates contemporary French songs on a grand scale. The legacy of the Lithium label (Dominique A, Holden, etc.) is still present but elevated by an irresistible sense of melody and very personal and poetic lyrics.



Le grand absent Chevalrex 20190606
Aussi Loin Chevalrex 20160510
L’éternité Chevalrex 20191016
L’adversaire Chevalrex 20171110
Tant de fois Chevalrex 20201108
Une rose est une rose Chevalrex 20210407
Providence Chevalrex 20200618
La tombe de Jim Chevalrex 20201214
Au crépuscule [feat. Pi Ja Ma] Chevalrex 20220216