Originally from Amery, Wisconsin, a village with just a handful of residents extending around the frozen Great Lakes of North America, among Lutheran churches, J.E. Sunde stands out as one of the greatest songwriters of the moment. Jon Edward grew up in a Bible camp. His mother sang at church, and his uncle crafted his guitars. He formed his first band, The Daredevil Christopher Wright, with his brother Jason on bass and his best friend Jesse on drums. Supported by Bon Iver (originating from Eau Claire, a neighboring city in Wisconsin), The Daredevil Christopher Wright released two magnificent albums. Later, Sunde embarked on a solo career, producing a series of classics that earned him the title of the Paul Simon of the 2020s.



Stop Caring J.E.Sunde 20231218
Turn the Radio On J.E.Sunde 20230615
I Don’t Care To Dance J.E.Sunde 20210619
Sunset Strip J.E.Sunde 20210313
Easy Kid J.E.Sunde 20190503