KCIDY is gradually carving out a prominent place in the new wave of French indie pop. Drawing inspiration from both 1960s pop and the best of contemporary songwriting, Pauline le Caignec's unmistakable voice sings lyrics that capture both the era and the intimate aspects of life. Love and the small moments of daily life, which enrich our existence, are recurring themes. A talented pianist with a classical and jazz background, KCIDY is also a significant figure in the Lyon music scene, having been part of groups like Tôle froide and Satellite Jockey.



Mon Sac Est Lourd KCIDY 20240117
Je pense à toi KCIDY 20231117
Sentiment Banal KCIDY 20231013
Souterrains KCIDY 20210326
Les Gens Heureux Dansent KCIDY 20201030
Avec le vent KCIDY 20210611
Je vis mes rêves en vrai KCIDY 20210226
Couleurs Qui Pleuvent KCIDY 20210128